A bitter/sweet morning...

After weeks of very low counts they finally gave Michael his chemo treatment today...His counts had come up within a range to be reasonably safe to give him the chemo....But, he must be watched carefully.
It was a good day at the clinic today....people seemed to be in good spirits...and one woman we have made good friends with, along with her 2 sisters who stand by her side for support, got a certificate from the Doctor
today for SUCCESSFULLY completing her chemo....We all clapped and cheered her on today!!  Cake was passed out along with coffee...I have to say we have met some wonderful people here....We decided that we will get together with the 3 sisters (as we refer to them as) outside of the clinic when Michael is feeling better...We live very close to them...and in fact one of the sisters son live on the same street as we do....
That certificate also made me very aware that we will never receive one....and will continue to come to the clinic till the end...or until the chemo no longer works....
A bitter sweet sort of morning....


terri said...

wow.....pretty moving post, woman.
had to make michael aware of the same thing about the certificate. thinking of you both.

Merry ME said...

To Whom It May Concern:

This hereby signifies that
Michael and Patty Mosca
have diligently and faithfully
mastered the art of attending chemotherapy treatments without regard to poor weather, low blood counts or lagging spirits.

Michael and Patty Mosca
bring a smile to those around them even when being filled with cancer fighting drugs, they deserve a thunderous round of applause. They deserve cake. They deserve medals festooned with ribbons and a Big Red Heart.

Be it known that
Michael and Patty Mosca
are two of the bravest people on the face of this planet.

Signed and sealed this day, the twenty-first of February, two thousand eleven,

Merry ME
Self-appointed President of the certificate awarding committee of America

Joani said...

How sweet of Merry to give U this certificate. Workers in this field seem to understand & the patients R also of a different kind than in any other physicians office. I've been in both and I prefer the oncology world. I hope & pray that this works okay for Michael & U R able to get together with the sisters. Prayers. Hugs.