Ebb and Flow...Ebb and Flow....Ebb and Flow...
It's just the way of the world isn't it! And
once again across my machine came another TERRI
writing that says it all to me....

keeper of her heart

“ she heard the words 'keeper of her heart'
and thought of him.
he always had been.
whether he knew it or not.
now it was time for her to be the keeper
of his heart.
holding it gently, tenderly,
she tucked his heart into hers
and carried him with her always and forever. ”

~terri st. cloud

Be Well...

What is it about Fear?

What is it that causes my fear??...I've thought about this quite a bit lately...
Fear of failure...Fear of success...Fear of being alone...
With the tides of my life changing...I'm not sure if I am at an ebb or a flow. There are things that are going on around me that fill me with excitement, that allow me to believe that everything is going to be alright...and then right in the middle of that wonderful feeling ...FEAR...pops its head in to say HELLO...ARE YOU GETTING COMFORTABLE?...I DON'T THINK SO! And it runs around dropping its seeds to form weeds in my garden...WHO ARE YOU? it whispers on my shoulder...HOW CAN YOU POSSIBLY BE HAPPY?...SHOULDN'T YOU BE GRIEVING? Do I have to STOP and allow myself this moment of doubt? Allow this fear to overtake the things that are good in my life and are showing me that one foot in front of the other is leading me to places I have only dreamed of before now...that perhaps at one time I was going in that direction but I stepped off that road to be a caregiver...Is it my time? Is it time for me to get back on my own path?
So I give FEAR its 15 minutes of fame!! And I am stepping past it...leading myself into my own comfort (regardless of what others think I should be doing) If I curl up in a ball I will cease to exist...Every day I walk into this studio to bring myself a little closer back to MYSELF...still discovering ME...allowing ME to unfold.
So what is it about FEAR that allows us to stand in the middle of a dream and freeze?

What I have learned this week...

I have been helping a friend...she is having a book published and she asked me to contribute by answering questions...journaling...and doing some artwork. It has been intense work, making me sit back and examine things from all sides. And I am finding so much to be grateful for...truly grateful.

We all face adversity in our life, how we react to it...how we deal with it is what brings forth our strengths and our happiness. If we spend too much time feeling sorry for ourselves what do we learn from that?...what happiness does that bring?...Being grateful for the things I DO have instead of what is missing helps me to focus on the day...helps me see my potential...know my strength...see the love that surrounds me...and allows me to take another step forward each and every day...Does that mean I don't get sad...or lonely...or even depressed? No...I still feel all those emotions...but when I feel grateful...when I stay in the moment my life feels good...it feels whole...I feel alive.

Sarah Breathnach said...

"When we choose not to focus on what is missing from our lives but are grateful for the abundance that's present....we experience heaven on earth."

How true that is for me lately!


I love this time of year...I don't have to be locked up in the house because of the wind and and snow and the cold...but rather I can throw open the windows and go outside...work to my hearts content in the gardens...sit on the glider and dream away part of the day....Now, I can swing on the new swing I put up for the little love on the big pine tree in the backyard...I actually took a little nap under the gazebo the other day while reading a book....I love this time of year!
I literally have been keeping myself as busy as possible...the night time is the worse with no one around to keep me company or whose company I keep! But I am learning...learning how to sleep a little better by actually turning off the lights at midnight...I am learning to put the tops back on my paint....I am learning how to see some of my dreams come to realization and how to tap into the dreams that are still within me...Would this have happened anyhow? I guess I will never know the answer to that question...but it is now and I am keeping myself busy...and I am learning...and that is helping me to heal. ENJOY your day!