Armed and Ready!....or That was Easy!


I took a little free time today to go see the X-Men movie...just for pure entertainment! I am still a big fan of comic hero movies....So I totally enjoy it...
Then...I came back and did my home work!! I am armed and ready for the VA...Printing out some 30 pages of information I found on the net....All showing a direct link to blood clots...from cancer...from catheters...from Waldenstrom....I am very fond of this one:

At highest risk are patients with blood cancer who have a 28 times higher risk than those without cancer.

This is one little girl who will not sit on the side lines and believe everything they tell me!! They told me in the beginning that they did not cover Waldenstrom too...BUT I found the information that directly linked it to Agent Orange on their own website!
For some reason I could not log this last night....but I am going to try again....
Went to the VA today....
AND BELIEVE IT OR NOT....everything went smoothly....and I was told...DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT...IT WILL BE TAKEN CARE OF.....and they didn't even want my homework!! LOL
Now where is my EASY button!! LOL


Nicci said...

Glad to hear that things worked out. Sorry that you were led to believe that it would not be covered and had to put in so much effort.

Pat Dalke said...

Dear Patti:

You are something else! Hooray for those times when things just seem to work and when you most need them to.

What are they saying at the clinic about Michael's blood clots? Will you be able to continue to treat them on an outpatient basis with the Lovinex shots?

Each day and every step I can hear and feel your journey with this stinking cancer and I pray for both of you.

Don't lose that EASY BUTTON!

Brenda said...