Moving Along...

We continue to move along with the process...3 more teeth were extracted on Tuesday...a visit to the Dentist yesterday....and again on Friday of this week....A week off from the dentist as Chemo begins and the adjustment to that....and then back in on the 27th for some more teeth extraction....
PHEW! How much can one person take? (and I am not sure if I am talking about Michael or myself!) Not to mention we are both in the stages of fall colds (change of the weather!!) and I am knee deep in nesting!
My AHA moment came at 2:00 this morning.....
RELAX! SLEEP! (everything will play out exactly as it is suppose to!) CALM DOWN! GET WELL!
Fine advise if I can follow it!!


Merry ME said...

Oh yes, rest when you can. Concentrate on calm.
Be at peace.

Sending strength and courage to face the day.

Pat Dalke said...


Don't you just love Fall? It's been overcast and rainy here, but the colors of the trees seem even brighter against that dramatic gray sky.

My close friend and I have taken time out to "art" together and drink wine for the next few days. We've also taken some rides to see the color, I never get tired of filling my eyes with these most remarkable colors and contrasts. Even the fields of soy bean and corn take on the most beautiful shades of ochre, rust, burnt sienna. I feels humbled by the beauty and restored too.

The sky has put on a dramatic show at times with incredible clouds of purples and grays. In the wind it is very chilly, but that's where the wine helps.

Do get well!