Drinking wine....

The rain has stopped and the sun is out here in upstate NY....A beautiful fall day! And the freedom of exploring it today is upon me.....Having had almost a whole week off from the Doctors has been a fabulous experience....I have been nesting...getting ready for the winter ahead of me by cleaning and rearrange some of the chaos that I have been neglecting...and it feels pretty good! The results of this nesting is clearing out cobwebs both physically and mentally! Next week begins a month of Doctors appointments once again with several a week....I am prepared....I am stronger...I am ready for whatever comes my way (or at least that is how I feel today!)
There are many things I still have to do around here....but because of the shift in my thinking I am feeling as if I can and will get them done....Strange how one day you just seem to notice cobwebs that are hanging right in front of you and you JUST HAVE TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THEM!
I am getting back into my journaling.... A habit I enjoy but have taken a break from...allowing me to learn and grow more....Michael is fond of saying...."One day you're drinking wine....the next day you're picking grapes"...(similar to "some days you eat the bear....some days the bear eats you"!)
Today.....I drink wine!

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