Today we will be traveling to Buffalo (which is a little over an hour away from us) to go to the VA hospital there to have the MRI done....Not sure how long the wait will be for the we do not have an appointment yet with the Neurologist...We are hoping that this will give us some insight as to what the problem is with his memory loss and his weakness in his legs....along with a few other things....We are prepared for whatever the outcome may be....well, as good as anyone can be prepared......We hope for the best as we travel this path!
In the meantime....LIFE goes on!! Our anniversary was spectacular! Not giving away any kiss and tells.....lets just say the honeymoon hasn't ended... even after 25 years!! LOL
Be Well....


Merry ME said...

Know that you are wrapped in prayers and positive energy as you travel and wait. Twenty -five years of love goes a long way!!!

Pat Dalke said...

Dear Pattie:

You two are doing "GOOD" being able to celebrate in the midst of all you have on your plates, it is important, but that don't make it easy. Ray and I didn't do too well with our 48th this year on April 14th. For now I figure we're doing "good" just to get through each day together.

Dan wants to take us out to eat with the kids this week to celebrate before we leave for home on Friday. Dan once again wants to try it on his own and wants his dad and I to return to our lifes, if just for awhile.

I went back to Chicago last week to celebrate my granddaughter's 15th birthday and had an opportunity to visit the Art Institute with my good friends and see the Matisse Show covering the years 1913-1917. It felt very strange being home without my husband after five months in Atlanta.

I hear your words as you journey with Michael and I feel them both remain in my thoughts with hope for each new day.