Even Doctors get sick....

We changed all our plans for Baltimore...when we were leaving and when we were returning...because we had an Oncology blood draw and visit....We got up early after our
6 hour drive home yesterday....and went for the blood draw (the results of some of the testing
takes a couple hours) but we were prepared for the wait and seeing the Oncologist....Only to
find out she was not in today because she was sick!! We could of seen another Doctor, but we
choose to come back next week to see her....She has been the primary Oncologist in this office
that has taken care of Michael for the past several years....So we felt she was the one to see because she has a hands on with us....although all the Doctors know what is going on with the patients...I know you all have experienced this with your own Doctors and the little bit of uncomfortable feeling that comes along with it....SO it is a day off after all.....the saving grace is that next week we won't have to wait for the blood result tests.....

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