A message from Terri

My friend Terri sends out these wonderful messages every day....
This one spoke to me....
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“ alone and shaking,
she wondered how she'd get thru.
the doubts surrounding her, keeping
her awake.
and then she remembered.
it's all a ride, a journey, a dream.
the twists and turns of which she
couldn't even fathom.
she closed her eyes and rested.
she'd travel where she must.
never knowing where she was going...
but knowing it was a ride worth taking. ”

~terri st. cloud


terri said...

hey, lady....thanks for posting this. that was nice of you.
makes me a little sad as i'm sure you feel that an awful lot.....
just remember....you're not alone.

Merry ME said...

I love how terri has just the right thing to say at just the right time.

I hope your ride isn't too bumpy and when the going gets rough you have someone to hold on to.