Just what have I been doing??? Where have I been??? Elbow deep in paint! The kitchen is almost completed...I still have bi-fold doors to put back on...but the painting is done, the cleaning of cupboards, the removal of objects, new table, new light fixtures, new kitchen! It sort of sent me into a tail spin for a few days as it was a bit overwhelming...and in some way I thought perhaps I was trying to erase Michael...but NO...I am claiming my space! I am brightening my room at a time...and I have also been working on a chair for the Rochester Breast Cancer Coalition ARTrageous Affair Fund Raiser...Here it is:

Full Chair



Merry ME said...

Nothing like a clean fresh kitchen to lift your spirits.

Love the chair!

Luna said...

Love this chair, it is an act of love from your heart to the women who benefit from it, and the woman who buys it! Gorgeous! xoxo