Just what I wanted!

We had our celebration for Christmas yesterday...Yes! I know it is not really Christmas day, but I like to be surrounded by my family for the whole day when I celebrate and not have to run off to here and there and everywhere....Christmas day, now that I am older I like to go to spend time with the extended family and watch them....it is just more tranquil for me!! LOL
Anyhow, the wonderment of a 4 (almost 5) year old opening gifts.....Saying....I think that one has my name on it....Yes...COLLIN.....says COLLIN.....opening the gift....exclaiming....IT IS JUST WHAT I WANTED!!! LOL....To almost every gift....well...accept for the clothing....LOL....
What a joyous day!!
This morning we recorded the Night Before Christmas....Hallmark came out with a book that you can record yourself reading it...Michael and I took turns reading the pages!! Now Collin will always have our voices!! Can't wait to see his face when he hears this.....I think he will be amazed and wonder how we got in the book!! LOL
May your holiday be filled with amazement!!
Because this day was JUST WHAT I WANTED!


Merry ME said...

What a fantastic holiday tradition. It will be fun to watch him as a child. But think of how it will be when he sits with his own children and listens and remembers!

Brenda said...

I wish you were Makena's Grandma--I love that you recorded your voices--that is so wonderful!
Merry Christmas my friend,