First I sleep...then I clean....

This week flew by me....mainly because I slept quite a bit....and then when I wasn't sleeping I was cleaning!! That is what I do when I shut down....I sleep....I clean! I understand the sleeping part...but the cleaning part I think just comes about because it is quiet is work that I don't have to think about but can get straight to the task of it....No one has to help me...I don't have to think about if it is done correctly...and of course in the end I am proud of what I have accomplished!
Today, however...I feel awake....I actually feel more like myself than I have in days...maybe months...perhaps a year....I am stepping into this day with a courage that I haven't noticed in a long time....I am stepping into this day with an acknowledgment that I can't be all things to all people all the time....that I have to step lightly...and in my own skin in order to bring about a peacefulness to myself and to others.....So I look into the mirror....I see a glimpse of the ME that I know....and I see her standing there....with a slight sparkle in her eye....well rested and a very clean house!!

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Merry ME said...

It makes me smile to know you've taken care of yourself in such a nurturing way. I am not sure I'd pick cleaning, but maybe ironing. Same thing. Quiet work with the joy of seeing an empty laundry basket or clean floor at the end of the labor.

Today I must sleep. I know the pile of wrinkled clothes will be there when I awake!