feeling better...

It has been a rough weekend for Michael....He is the first to admit that this round of chemo has knocked the s@#* out of him!  His appetite has not been good....although he feels nauseous he is not getting sick (which is good) ...he has been experiencing numbness in his face...hands...feet...and tired...tired...tired....He even took a nap when the little love was with us on Friday! (so you know he was tired!) And just as he is starting to feel better we will start this process all over again on Wednesday!
I am hoping the Doctor talks to him in a truly honest way then about the bone marrow transplant and at least talking to the specialist...why she wants him to do that...what the outcome would be if he continues to choose not to do that....Some of that burden of trying to get him to go to the specialist has somehow fallen on my shoulders...but I am not taking it on....I refuse to try to make decisions for a grown man...all of this journey I have finally given to him....I step back...I allow him his own voice as I stand in support...love and caring....that is the only thing that I can do....


Merry ME said...

I watched my daughter learn to do the very same thing. Support her husband in the decisions (even tho she disagreed with him) made. Is not an easy thing to do.
But in the end gave him the kind of control he needed in his life when everything else had been stripped from him.

Thoughts and prayers are with you as you maneuver this rocky road.

Anonymous said...

The paperback book on Stem Cell Transplants was given to Dan at the clinic. I'll be in Atlanta again next week and I think I put it in a box with other info on this f...ing disease. I'll look and if I find it send you the title, etc. only, if you think it would be helpful. Your hospital or doc or the specialist may have info too.