The week went off without a hitch...well, except for the snow! Only one day was a bit hard traveling in the weather...But for the moment the blood counts look good....most of them are at the bottom of normal...which
hasn't happened in 2.5 years!  So the booster shot has helped...making it worth all the running around...
He has one more shot on Monday and then he is OFF for a week!  YA-HOO!  And the calendar looks pretty good for next week...Actually it is ME that has Doctor appointments..So hopefully this week I can really dive into the online class that I am taking....doing a lot of soul work! I am off to a TI-CHI 2 hour special class today
which I am looking forward to...and then into the paint in the studio to work on my journal...Life feels really good!


Merry ME said...

Yahoo is right!
What color are you going to paint the studio?

Something blue and soothing like the sea?
Or maybe an intense firey red?
Or green like a woodsy retreat?

So many colors to choose from!
And there's blackboard paint! What fun!

Joani said...

WOW....that's busy even for me. I wouldn't have the energy to be able to do all that. So glad 2 hear that U R doing some good things for yourself.