24 years married!...(well 27 this June..2 years of dating!) And what an anniversary gift we got...
The VA approval for ALL the tests....and for the bone marrow transplant evaluation! Not sure yet when all that is going to take place...hopefully AFTER we go to Disney....not knowing what the news will be, we would rather take that on after a visit with the mouse!
The best part of this is that we were under the impression that the VA would have us travel to Memphis for the testing at the VA hospital there that specializes in it...but they have approved us as an outpatient at the Wilmont Cancer Center here in upstate at the University of Rochester.
I could not be happier about this....My network of support is is Michael's and if he is a candidate for this then we will have those people close by to support us...It is a very hard treatment to go through....If any of you have read the comments here on the would of read about Pat and her son Dan....And what Dan has endured over the past several years...He is doing GOOD now though...In life!
So Happy Anniversary....To Michael....To Me... TO LIFE!


Brenda said...

Happy Anniversary and Happy Life!!!
Love to you both--and just in case ya ever end up in Memphis--I'm pretty close...

JoAnnA Pierotti said...

Happy Anniversary! You are a beautiful couple. And here is to good health and many happy years.
with love,

Pat Dalke said...

Congratulations to a beautiful looks like Michael is wearing his Easter Egg tie.

What wonderful news to hold on to while you vacation with the mouse. The VA came through and it sure is an added bonus to be able to go forward with future treatments near home. Although many folks recommended that Dan go to Little Rock and even New York, Dan wanted to be near home and his kids and the community that has held him up to the light.

How very serandipitous, Ray and I are celebrating our anniversay today too. Here's to a happy day filled with love.

cheryl said...

Oh Pattie and MIke... happy anniversary...happy life!! OMG.. I am so, so happy for you. You have each other, and rich you are. Congrats on 24/27 years of togetherness.
love and hugs..

Halo Hill said...

Happy Anniversary Patti!

Yes, here is to health and happiness!

Several Big Hugs,