lack of patience...

Do I really admit that I sometimes experience a lack of patience? Do I really admit that I get short fused with someone who is ill? Do I really admit that AND NOT feel a sense of guilt about

"CHEMO BRAIN" (which is what Michael and others refer to it as!)

Many people with cancer experience memory changes-such as mild forgetfulness, an inability to concentrate on more than one task, or more severe memory loss-after undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatments. In other cases, as in a person with a brain tumor, the cancer itself may cause memory changes. Surgical interventions, particularly for brain cancer, may also lead to memory loss.

Studies show that patients experience trouble with memory and language skills after chemotherapy. Scientists are searching for the exact cause, but they believe the chemotherapy agents may be associated with this side effect. The drugs are designed to attack cancer cells, but often kill healthy cells in the process. Researchers are studying whether chemotherapy agents may be damaging healthy brain cells. Others believe the cancer itself may be responsible for the memory changes.

Even knowing all this to be true....I find a shortness of patience....and wonder WHY it is that one can remember the mundane football scores of 20 years ago...but can't remember what was told to them 5 minutes ago! Short term memory loss is a very difficult thing....I DO understand because I suffered from it myself (after my own surgery)....and probably drove people crazy to.....I am trying so hard to get a grip on this.....

And there....I just admitted it all here.....perhaps now I WILL FEEL BETTER!!

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