Have you ever felt....

Have you ever felt like you had a tightness that you just can't seem to get rid of...a tightness around your throat so that you have a difficult time forming words....a tightness around your brain so that you have a difficult time even thinking....a tightness around your chest so that your heart seems to be hidden....a tightness around your hands so your creativity is not flowing.....a tightness that just does not seem to want to unfold???????????????
Stopping you from anything...everything? I have been feeling that tightness the last few days...And really I have no reason to....what is it that causes ME to put a HOLD on living...loving....life?
I have so much to focus on that is happy....so much to be grateful for....and yet this tightness has captured me.....is holding me prisoner....
Or am I just holding myself prisoner?
Deep thoughts at the bottom of yet another cup of coffee!


Barb said...

Oh, dear Patricia, what you described I know very well because I have battled those feelings since 1986. Even though I had and still have everything in the world to be happy about and grateful for, I have the panic disorder. The panic attacks are somewhat under control.

Panic attacks can happen to anyone and with your life challenges I'm not surprised you are feeling this way. Even though you've had good news and are looking forward to a wonderful vacation, the brain plays this nasty trick. It's a terrible feeling and so frustrating. I hope these feelings subside soon.

You are in my thoughts and prayers always.

Halo Hill said...

I have felt it, yes. I agree with Barb, it sounds like my panic attacks feel. You put it in to words. Yes, I feel it, but I could never imagine going what you are going through, so I can't really feel it FOR you, or to that degree but I understand as much as it is possible for a woman your age with a husband she loves, and the most beloved Grandson in the world. One who has so much in common with you. You are strong and it is OKAY to feel it and Okay to ask for something to help you relax.

Sending Healing Hugs across this whole nation to you.