Sometimes.... have to take the focus off yourself...and look at the situations of remind yourself that things are not so bad.....and to see the positive energy that surrounds you....even when you feel as if you are in the middle of muddle! For several days I have been doing just that....I have been helping others....seeing different situations from the eyes of others...looking at the positive I have in my life....
Once we get ourselves in that "negative" mind frame, it is often difficult to get out of it....I have never been one to say..."WHY ME?" but I have been know to say..."What the F@#*!" ...(not very lady like I humbly admit, but I did grow up in the city!!)
I have been looking at the wonderful...loving...and positive side to my life these past few days, more so than normal.....I have been trying to see how I can better help someone else in order to better help myself in the return....I have been dreaming and focusing on artwork that I will donate to different causes (my favorite: The Breast Cancer Coalition of Rochester) I have been surfing the net looking at inspiring art by people living with cancer...I have been blessed to be cancer free myself some 22 years now....I have been acting and behaving more like ME than I have in the past 10 months since this journey began.... just have to pull up your boots....pull on the big girl panties...and walk forward
through the mud...through the rain...through your life in order to reach an oasis....where you can rest....Today I am standing at the oasis....


Pat Dalke said...

Dear Pattie:

You are so right, helping others does open you up and start to put some organization to the muddle. I also find that being able to share thoughts with you has helped me to process the journey we have been on. Hearing your thoughts, fears and anguish has put me in touch with some deep feelings of my own, THANK YOU!

There is definitely an important place for community in one's life.
I could NOT live in a vaccum.

Holding you fast in prayer.


Merry ME said...

Thanks for the reminder.
I hope your stay in the oasis is full of serenity and bliss. Hmmm? Can it be both? Hmmm? Why not?

Be blessed. Know peace.