Pure Talent...

The little love has a talent show today....Michael and him do a joke act complete with whistles blown at
the right time...sound machines...laughing track and of course what boy doesn't just love a fart machine!
Michael can't do it with him because he just doesn't have the strength so Mommy is doing it with him...and they
will dedicate it to him....Can't wait!!
It is snowing like crazy...but that is not going to stop this upstate New Yorker!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, this sounds wonderful and lots of laughs, maybe a UTube video??? I have no idea how this works, but I've known folks that have put them on and it was great fun to watch.

Yes, after raising 3 boys I know how side splitting they found the "fart" machine. Now I have a grandson that breaks up over it.

Michael making memories with you grandson is irreplaceable. Bless Michael for his effort to overcome his fatique and your "little love" for giving Michael the desire to do it. Children are magical in transforming a moment and giving us memories that bring a smile.

Love to you all,

Pat Dalke