Alls quiet on the home front...

Well, you know what they say....No news is GOOD news! Michael has been feeling pretty much the same as usual...tired...and weak...but even with all that is going on his spirit is high! He seems to be relaxing into a different routine...His sleep patterns have changed with this round of chemo...A little more normal...Up at 5...takes a nap at 11....and then he is usually up for the day..till 8 and then falls asleep....Fairly normal rather than sleeping 18 hours straight a day...I have been lost in paint...working on custom pieces and writing...doing my blogs...everything appears to be normal! I SMILE as I type that...We did get the OK from the Doctor for the laser surgery on his one eye to try to correct that and stop it from progressing any farther but, we have not been given the OK for the surgery as his blood counts are way to low...Next week is the last week for chemo...We have a busy week ahead of us and a lot of emotion that will go along with knowing that we will be having the sit down with the Doctor with what they can or cannot do for him once the chemo has ended....I am off for the weekend ...a well deserved R & R...and I SMILE once again as I type that!! So...all is quiet on the home front...and that is a good thing at the moment!


Brenda said...

can you tell us where you are headed for the weekend? I hope you have a wonder-filled ,relaxed weekend!
Love you,

Halo Hill said...

Hi Pattie, I didn't know about this blog, but I am so happy to see it. I felt you really needed to put it all in writing somewhere somehow as kind of a helpful release/therapy/gift to yourself.

I love ya and you're always in my thoughts and prayers! How big those prayers are to stretch all the way across America from me to YOU.


Lisa said...

Much love to you. You're in my thoughts.