Monday Again!!

I did not realize that I have been absent....but the week sort of got out of my control...Michael has been feeling very ill as of late....Today, we went for blood work Monday!! (as usual!!) and the red and white count is low and the protein is on the rise again....So no wonder he was feeling poorly...they had to give him fluids today for dehydration... so he slept most of the afternoon but had a short but wonderful time when the little love (our grandson) came to visit...He loves his Papa and continues to sit in his chair with him...and asks him to make up stories to entertain him...It is a wonderful thing...the bond that these two have...Our little one looks at all the meds that Michael takes and says....Papa...I just want you to feel better soon because I love you SO VERY MUCH!
Out of the mouths of babes!

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Brenda said...

i just love that little man!
Healing love to you both........