This Beatles song is playing in my head this morning....

"I've got to admit it's getting's getting better all the time....can't get much worse"!

And that is how I feel...A bit positive...A bit negative!...the Dentist says things are coming along....No blood .... No pain....and healing! 3 weeks now into this process. We go again tomorrow....So only twice this week!
I am progressing with the Adirondack chair that I am working on for a fund raiser....and completely changed the theme....finally the title: NOTHING IS EVER SIMPLY BLACK AND WHITE!
A theme that lately has been playing out over and over in my head! When completed I will try to post a picture....I have one more week till the deadline!! LOL....Nothing like adding a little fuel to the fire! But, feeling more comfortable with the design makes things go a lot faster....the humidity is not helping I am only able to work on it an hour here or there to give it enough drying time....Summer in upstate NY has FINALLY arrived! The sun is shining and things are improving!

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Pat Dalke said...

Dear Pattie:

Great title for your chair...and ain't it the truth!

Would love to see a photo of the finished product.

Three cheers for Michael, no blood, no pain and healing; all sounds good to me. Has he now transitioned to the oral meds for blood thinning instead of the shots?

Hang on tight to the "sunny side" and keep it "up, way up"...well, as best you can.