No more shots!!

Yes Pat.....NO MORE SHOTS (at least for the moment!) What a relief as he was starting to get really bruised up from them....way to many! Completely back to the oral meds now....and the Dentist gave the thumbs up on the healing today...more stitches removed...controllable bleeding and after 1.5 hours in the chair he is resting now!
Last night our little love came over for dinner.....We had decided that we would buy a tree to go in the new garden I put in the backyard....So we purchased a Japanese Red Maple....The boys dug the hole and filled it with water....placing the tree in the garden....It is now named: THE PAPA AND COLLIN TREE! It is small right now....a little taller than the little love....So, we will watch them both grow!! Hopefully everything will get though the winter intact....and I mean EVERYTHING!
All is good on the home front as I type!!
The chair is coming along.....and I love the graphics now...but the humidity is playing havoc with me, so I can only work on here for a couple hours at a time before I become a puddle of water!
My goal is to have it completely done by the end of the weekend....WISH me luck!


Brenda said...

Good luck, my friend!!!!!

Merry ME said...

I love Japanese Maple trees. I also love the concept of watching a tree grow as your little one grows.

I'm getting excited about your chair. Can't wait to see it, sticky paint and all!

So glad the shots are done. So glad to hear you smile!

Pat Dalke said...

Dear Pattie:

What a lovely way to christen your new garden. Watching small boys and trees grow are wonderful pass times.

I will hope that EVERYTHING will get through the winter intact and I do understand that most fervent wish. Dan's 1st birthday with his donor's stem cells is approaching on October 15th. He will plan his celebration on the 14th. We are looking forward to being there.

Your gardening stories have inspired me and I was reading "Sanctuary-Gardening For The Soul". The book features several labyrinths, the ancient circular meditative spaces. I've been dreaming of creating a labyrinth in Lisa's very large garden, of course, with the help of energetic friends.

A quote in the book spoke to me, "Life is not meant to be carefully planned and ever familiar-we must trust that we will survive strange journeys."

I was thinking that I hope to do more that survive the journey, but gain better knowledge of myself and my fellow travelers.