Smooth Sailing!!

Got thru the thru the shots....perhaps I did miss my calling of being a Nurse after all!(NOT REALLY!!)...I certainly do not have a fear of giving shots anymore....Fatigue was a big factor however for him this weekend....So I will be glad when his blood counts are done at the Oncologist...We have not had a visit there in a month....and although that is a good can also play a little guessing game with your head when you start to notice the difference in how he is feeling....I have taken into account the ordeal with the teeth....So I guess I would be tired too!!
Speaking of tired....I am tired of this chair!! LOL....actually I am loving it!! And I promise to post a picture of it....Funny thing....I have been working on the chair non stop this past week, and neighbors have been walking up the driveway to see what the heck it is that I am doing in that garage and see the chair as they do their routine of walking morning and night...The funny thing is that I have lived here 23 years now...the neighbors have changed and these are people I have never met before and probably would never meet.....I have a young couple across the street that I have become good friends with.....they are so nice and have 2 small children....I enjoy them so much the laughter that comes from that house fills my heart....I am not sure if it is because of their religious beliefs or not but they (in their late 20's) are the most giving and caring young people I have had the pleasure of meeting in this neighborhood.....No complaints coming from them at all as they go about their daily life.....A lesson to learn here!
I wonder if I complain....if I moan or look as if I need a helping hand....Some days are better than others I do know that....Today, I will remember to laugh more!!


Merry ME said...

Why is it we forget about laughing when it's really a lot easier than moaning!

I wish for you a magical kind of day that makes you smile. And when you can't keep it in anymore, a big ole belly laugh that makes you snort and tears come out of your eyes!

Pat Dalke said...

Dear Pattie:

This weekend I was thinking of all the "little stories" that you have told on this blog. Memes are the little stories that we have in our head that are passed virtually from person-to-person and generation to generation, with a life of their own. Memes may or may not be true, but they tell a story and those stories become our realities, factual or not.

A long-time dear friend of our family was delivering the liturgy in church yesterday and spoke these words: "As you may know our own Danny Dalke, the child of this congregation has battled cancer for several years now. I am happy to report he is doing much better and will be returning to teaching soon. But you don't know why he is doing better. Medical science says that those bone marrow transplants and cocktails of drugs have made him better.

But I have another explanation as his mother Pat told me this week. One day as Dan was in his hospital bed, his son Calvin sitting beside him says, 'You know, Dad, I'm not really here.' 'Oh, says Dan, "where are ?" 'I'm invisible. I'm inside of you healing you.'...

"but, here is my new shield that will quench the flaming arrows of the evil one (cancer): CALVIN RULES."

Collin is healing his Grandpa too, with laughter and his presence at special moments like Disney World and planting a tree with his Grandpa in his Grandma's new garden. So you might make a shield that says: COLLIN RULES.

Pattie, you will find the reference to the shield of faith in Paul's letter to the Ephesians where Paul says, "Take the shield of faith, with which you will be able to quench all the flaming arrows of the evil one."

I do not always find Paul easy to read, I hear overtones of male superiority, but the passage in this letter draws some wonderfully vivid images.