The Dentist is extremely happy with how Michael is finally healing!! And they are starting the process of molding the impression for this NEW top teeth.....The new game plan for the bottom teeth is that they are going to put small implants around the very loose teeth to loosen them some more so that perhaps they fall out naturally.....sort of like tying a string to your tooth and pulling ...just like when you were a kid....wiggle...wiggle...wiggle...out it pops! (or at least this is the hope!) If he puts these teeth under a pillow I will go broke!! LOL.....Have to laugh at this whole process at this point! Anyhow, the Dentist (whom by the way we really adore!) is a wonderful woman....the one very impressive point is that she takes me aside....in a separate room and explains to me step by step what she is doing and WHY! She really makes ME part of it....and is concerned not only with the work being done on Michael but also the work I have to do as the caregiver....Not to many Doctors take that into consideration....We also talk about details of our lives...children...hobbies...taking it to a bit more of a personal level....which makes us both human! I have to say, I like that! So this process will start next week.....before the chemo restarts which is very important.....the Dentist is going to have a telephone conference with the other 3 Doctors involved and find what will work best for everyone involved....but most importantly what will work best for US! Got to love that!


Pat Dalke said...


How wonderful that Michael is healing...a celebrative moment in your journey! Take time to savor it.

It is heartwarming to be treated with dignity and consideration from the dentist...if only all doctors could have that approach.

The doctor at Emory that has treated Dan since his diagnosis is one of the leading authorities in Multiple Myeloma and has the warmth of an ice cube. We have been so very grateful for his knowledge and expertise, but it is hard to understand his "arms length" attitude. To a lesser degree this has been the case for the transplant doctor, a woman(I thought that her gender would make a difference). Thank God for the doctors on their teams and the nurse practioners and the nurses, they are the ones, luckily, we dealt and still deal with regularly.

I felt and still feel that the specialists in these highly complex fields probably are protecting themselves from the pain of losing patients.

Yes, you've got to love when a doctor considers what works best for the patient and caregivers.

Enjoy this moment and don't think too far ahead...

Halo Hill said...

I love to hear this! It's like a breath of fresh air for you! I bet you can finally breathe a little bit! Hurray! What a kind person she is. I am so glad you were "directed" to her!

HUGS and Always thoughts and prayers, even when I'm not in touch I'm still thinking of you and praying for you every single day. From across the country, I hope my care and love reach you all the way over there! I bet it does!