Sending out cheers...

We got through the weekend!! Did NOT have to go to the Emergency room....HIP-HIP-HOORAY!
Tomorrow is another day at the Dentist.....they will be doing blood work also to get him back on his meds...slowly...carefully....
On a happy note...I finished the garden that I was planting to flank my new walkway...and in front of my house (I tore out scrubs that were 22 years old) and started from scratch....I found the coolest solar lights that change an array of colors( that are glass orbs... I love them....This has been my saving grace this summer....So, I am starting on another one in the back yard....I mean....why not! LOL...What else do I have to do?!?! (that was a joke son!)
Life this summer has been a series of ups and all aspects of my life...I am trying very hard to stay on the positive side of things...hoping against all odds that things will work out and that everything will return to some sort of "normal"...(whatever that is!! LOL)
Thank you to all who have stood by and supported me....who have held me up when I was down...who have wrapped their arms around me when I needed emotional support....who have shown me a tenderness that touches me deeply.....THANK YOU!

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Merry ME said...

Aren't those lights cool? The ones we have are butterflies! There is something very healing about getting dirt under your fingernails. Not sure what it's all about. So glad your weekend was free of hospital visits. Woohoo!

Wishing you summer flowers and happy hours.