Days off...or not!

Michael is healing much better this time with the removal of only a couple well that they are going to remove a few more on us a few days off....which is good because I have a plate full....My mother fell and hurt her knee and so she needs to be attended to...I have to go and meet the little loves teacher so I can pick him up from school on Thursdays....and I am elbow deep in deadlines! Along of course with the "normal" things that need to be done every day...I was thinking yesterday that this nursing profession that I have been forced into might of been my calling after all!! (LOL) Seems I am not so bad of a caregiver!
I received word that I will be published in a national magazine for my journals....I am so excited but now have to write a huge article about journaling and how it can be helpful....(the price of fame! LOL)
We have 3 Doctors appointments on Thursday....luckily they are all in the same building....So it will be a long day! I'll bring my book and start writing my article...
Fall is really here in upstate NY.....the leaves are turning....the air is getting cooler....and the geese are flying overhead!
Wishing all a day full of observing all that is around them!


Luna said...

sounds like the "get famous tour" has paid off! <3 So happy to hear about your success!!!!

I continue to hold you and yours in my heart and prayers. I read and "sit" with you even when I'm not commenting. Much love to you from me!


Merry ME said...

Woohoo! Writing I have learned is a great way to hold on to yourself and not get lost in the caregiving. Congratulations.