Just a glimpse!

Here is a glimpse of my garden.....Before there were Arborvitae that flanked both sides of the window....and a huge burning bush that covered the window.....NOW.....flowers and color ONLY!
and of course ME!!
Off to the Dentist again today....things are on the upswing with that....This is a busy month with eye Doctors....Dentists....Oncologists....
I am celebrating my 58th Birthday on Friday!!! Rapidly approaching 60!!! What happened to the girl in the Senior picture????? When and how did I get so old????!!!! LOL.....
Well...at least on a good day I feel like I am 25!!


Pat Dalke said...

Speaking of glimpses, I see glimpses of the young girl in the senior photo in the woman in her garden, yes, I do.

Happy Birthday.

Barb said...

Hi, Patricia! I am catching up after several very busy weeks! I just noticed a couple of things we have in common: We are both graduates of the great class of 1969 (my class reunion was the same weekend as my brother's birthday so I chose the wedding) and I will be 58 on Oct 5.

I see you have had some good news and I am glad of that. You have also had some fun creativity -- I love the Adirondack chair!

I hope your week is wonderful and your birthday is fabulous!


Luna said...

Seems like there's several of us here from the class of "69" :-) I'll be 58 in November.

Boy I know what you mean about feeling 25 on a good day and wondering how we got so old! LOL My husband will be 60 on the 30th.

Still holding you and your family close in my heart and prayers. It's been a wild couple of months, I've not been posting much, but I read even when I don't comment.

much love to you Pattie!!