Ready to Go....

Here is the Guardian Angel box that I am donating to the Breast Cancer Coalition of Rochester for their fund raiser....Usually I donate a much larger item...but this year is a bit different for me!
I have been making these boxes since 2000....I started by giving one to a friend who needed a little TLC....I now send them randomly (smaller versions) to those who touch my heart in one way or another....The box has elements inside with wishes that go along with them...(.there is a bird ...a bell...a star...and a shell....) Seeing as I have met the deadline of the 28th...I believe that I will start the large flower pot also....(the bird on this box was painted on 140 weight paper and then cut out and 3-D onto the box...something I have not done before)
Being part of a community fund raiser does my heart good....focusing on helping others....Have you done that lately? Give a little time...give a little art...give a little feels SO good!
All went well at the Doctors (all of them yesterday) they decided to hold off on any more teeth extraction after taking out the stitches...letting this area heal a little better....And to find out the game plan for the chemo as both cannot be done at the same time.....So Monday we will know more....
I am in the cooking and happy mode!! I am throwing a BELATED birthday party for myself with friends and family gathering on Sunday...(actually it is just a good excuse to make delicious Sangeria!!) And celebrate the beginning of fall (or the end of summer!)
Wishing all a wonderful weekend....surrounded by those you love....and those who love you!


Merry ME said...

Boxes are "divine" as I guess they are meant to be!

Happy Unbirthday.

Happy Happy!

Pat Dalke said...


What a wonderful box, I love the symbol of the bird and the fact that you gave it some dimension. It reminds me of a song that Pete Seeger sings about a rainbow and a little bird: The storm clouds hang on the hill
The thunder rolls through the plain
But there goes that little bird,
She winging her way through the rain.

Refain: Over the dove way up on high, there is a rainbow spanning the sky...

Our rainbow was being in Vermont for a week with old and dear friends, grateful for the opportunity to be together again and grateful for the laughter we shared.

We are now planning to be with our son Dan in Atlanta and just be present with all of those we hold so spanish they say: "Presente".

So, Presente Pattie and Michael