Lost in Space!!

I have been lost in space the last few days....CREATIVE SPACE that is!!! I have been working on quite a few custom orders that I received over the past week....So I have been dreaming...and dancing and happily creating in my studio...in my living room...at the table...on the floor!! Anywhere and everywhere I can!!
We are in a quiet week here with Michael....I cannot complain at all!! (isn't that a wonderful thought!) Blood work showed that the protein levels were "acceptable" this week....once again sort of following the pattern of the norm for us....One week washing....one week off....one week washing...one week off! His white count is very low, but they have assured us that is "TO BE EXPECTED" because of the chemo....Heck...we are bombarded with commercials for drugs every day that give us the side effects that CAN happen and chemo is a powerful drug (we all know that for every GOOD thing a drug does there is usually a BAD thing too...I wonder about the ones that say..."may cause death in extreme cases....I mean, would I even take that drug if recommended to me?....how do I know I wouldn't be the EXTREME case! and how about the one that tells you it has been known to cause Lymphoma...I mean really....I understand that the drug companies have been sued and sued and sued again because no one reads the little pamphlets that come with the drug when we pick it up at the pharmacy but some of those commercials scare me and others make me laugh right out loud...what about the side effect that might cause you to gamble excessively...or want to much sex (that might not be a bad one to have!! LOL) ) So we are currently on "chemo watch"....we have to be very aware of fevers...chills....coughing... Because the white count is so low he could very easily get sick and he would not have enough good healthy white cells to ward off anything....This is an easy one to monitor....and in the process I get to stay in the studio and create to my hearts content....Making me ONE VERY HAPPY GIRL!!

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