We received word today that we have an appointment next week with the Retina specialist to begin the testing on Michael's eyes....another step being put into motion....We also know that the disability for Social Security (with all the paperwork) is being reviewed and we should hear something from them within the next month....There is "something" to do every day...but these are really simple tasks in the big scheme of things...So today...after doing the "mundane goddess" work of grocery shopping and general clean up...I am off to the movies with my mother and my sister... A girlie day for a couple of hours...cell phone put on vibrate and happy to be going out of the house for something "fun" to do!!! I have been pouring over pages and pages of blood work and trying to compare what it was to what it is now...and I think you have to be a scientist to see what is going on here...can't wait till my friend from Hospice can explain it all to me in laymans terms!! I once studied to be a nurse (so many...many years ago!!) but somehow I need to have someone who is not emotionally involved to help me better be prepared and offer me up some solid advice as to what questions to ask and when to start asking...But today...I am off to the movies...I put the papers in the envelope and I let them sit for another day....just no more today! Sometimes you just have to quit when you are ahead!! LOL

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Brenda said...

Oh Pattie-
I am so glad that you took some time for yourself....I hope that you enjoyed the movie. I'm glad that you are seeing the specialist for Mr. Mike's eyes. Take care of you...
Love you,