Time Flies....

Seems as if my days are getting away from me....the older I get the more I realize how short the 24 hours in a day are!! And before I know it I am on to the next day...the next week...the next month!
I have had the wonderful pleasure of being lost in creative space...even while in the middle of all that is going on around me...and I am ever so grateful that I have this outlet for myself...But most of all I have been blessed so much this week from the personal mail from those who come here and especially from my WILD CHILDREN....You all ROCK!! I went to a retreat some 5 years ago (was it 5 years ago????!) and met and connected with 40 OUTSTANDING women...and we have been connected by our hearts forever since...and will continue to be for the rest of our days...Silence is sometimes spoken..but it cannot break the bonds that we all received over the 4 day retreat.... and my heart is over flowing with the outpouring from them. I am reminded that in the beginning of this process I was NOT allowed to reach out...to tell anyone...to share what it was that I was going through not to mention what Michael was going through....It was the DENY it factor....IT WILL GO AWAY if we just don't think or speak of it....Well....it did not go away....it will not go away...and I am feeling SO blessed to have this outlet...to be able to speak my mind here...to feel here...to let go here....to connect here...to be comforted here...to feel the outpouring of healing for ME here! Is that selfish???? I use to think so...but I no longer feel that way....I am in the middle of this....there is nothing I can do to change this....and my feelings do count! Thank you all for reminding me of the kindness of spirit....the love of friendship....and the hope for the future....For that I am forever grateful...and my heart is full....Today...may we all connect a little more with those we love...may we offer up our BEST self...may we let go of the things that are so unimportant...and may we focus on that which our heart holds in the highest light....Our love....for each other...and for our self.

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Barb said...

Blogging is a remarkable thing. I started just over a year ago to have a place where family and friends could follow our "new life" and my photography and art.

Then I started meeting the most amazing people. Even through cyberspace I have made cherished connections with people who have won my heart because of their courage, kindness, humor, imagination, and encouragement. I might never meet some of these wonderful people in person, but being friends in spirit has shown me that the energy of the universe is real. God does show us that love knows no boundaries.

If anyone has shown me the power of reaching out, it is you my friend. You are my blessing!