Glorious Day

They said it was going to rain...and it did sprinkle and looked very dark in the morning...but by 12:30 as people were arriving the sun came was a glorious day...sunny and warm so we could be outside...steaks were grilled and everyone was festive and laughing...we sang Happy Birthday to Michael and we let off balloons we sweet messages and we ate pie with lots of whip cream!! People stayed from 1 till 8 at night....It was a glorious day! plans were made to do it every year in celebration of Michael's life...a wonderful tribute! (we even had our funny nose and mustache glasses! IT WAS GOOD! The little love could not be with us yesterday because of school and a commitment that MOM he came today...he wanted to draw a cake picture to tie at the end of his balloon (because Moma wouldn't let him tie a piece of pie to the string!) and off it went high in the sky with words of love from a grandson to his Papa!
Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend....THANK A VET!

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Joani said...

My heart is happy for you and full of joy. You have a great Memorial weekend as well. Hugs.