How did that happen?

My daughter turned 38 this morning at 6:27 AM!! How did that happen? That beautiful bundle of shocking orange hair and pretty pink face...those tiny rose bud lips...perfectly formed...all ten fingers and toes...TURNED 38!!!!!!!!!!
Of course I was a child bride myself!!..A mere babe of 21...Very young by todays standards but pretty much on cue for my era!
I remember 38...I was married, living in this house that was brand new then...I had gone through my surgery and was mending...both physically and emotionally...Lea would of been a Junior in High School (if my math is correct!!)Life was SO good...
Life is still is just different...and today, my daughter, grandson, son, and mother will gather for a celebration meal...My daughter turned 38 this morning and that makes me OLD! LOL

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