Happy Birthday!

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Today is the day of Michael's birth....he would of been only 62 years old....When I think of it in those terms it scares me a little ... as I am almost 60 and that would not leave me with enough time to do all the things I would like to do...But that is what we all say (there is not enough time!)... we use the "time" factor as an excuse NOT to do something...WELL...I for one am going to celebrate Michael's day...I have made his favorite pie this morning and I have some people coming over for a Birthday celebration cook out (that my son is going to do the grilling for!)The menu will consist of all of Michael's favorite foods. We will toast to his birth, for the pleasure of having known him and having him in ours lives, for his wacky sense of humor and his love of life...we will use this "time" to do some of the things WE LIKE TO DO (without any excuses!)
What can you do today that you've been waiting to do? Give yourself a present and open yourself up to the possibilities of the day!


Joani said...

Happy Birthday to Michael.
Kudos to U for celebrating. I love that. Do something fun everyday. Hugs

Merry ME said...

Here's to knowing that the spark of the life, the very essence of Michael that was born 62 years ago did not fade on the day he left this earth. Instead it goes on in the love and light that continues to burn brightly in your hearts. Of course, you would celebrate with pie and steak (hot dogs?) and stories and laughter. Perhaps even tears. I think I've cried enough tars to water a whole garden of pretty flowers. Let them flow and let your heart sing in honor of Michael. In honor of the love you still have. In honor of life.

Beth said...

This morning I "found" your art, your reflections and words of wisdom and beauty;just when I needed them.

I feel inspired and encouraged to return to my journaling and creative life now.

Today you are my present and I am now eager to open myself up to the possibilities of the day,present and future.