What category do I fall under?

I was filling out paperwork today...you know the kind where you have to check the boxes...and I came to the area that asked...SINGLE...MARRIED...DIVORCED...WIDOWED.
I looked at it...thought about it...looked at it again. What "tag" should I use?
Should I use WIDOWED or SINGLE...because technically I am BOTH!(and if truth be told I have been all of them at sometime of my life!) I left it blank...
When asked why I did not answer question #7...I politely said that I did not think it mattered...For what reason did they need to know that? Was it a survey on how many of each category was filling out the questionnaire? They did not have an answer for me...and I did not offer them the information....I wonder if they just picked one after I left!..I still have my wedding ring on...they could assume that I am married.
So it made me think about it this evening...
Just what category am I???

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Joani said...

I never fill that question out. It is none of their business and they don't need it for anything. I'm not going to be labeled.