Love NEVER Dies...

I do not know why TODAY I opened this mail that has been in my mailbox for weeks...but I can only believe that it is another SIGN that LOVE NEVER DIES!

Christine asked for response from is the letter I wrote this morning.


I lost my husband on April 15th of this year...after a 3 1/2 year battle with a cancer that we knew from the
start was not was his wish to transition at home in his beloved chair...A series of miracles
happened that day...2 women whom I am very close to appeared at my home (totally unplanned)...we sat and talked and laughed
(which was an uncommon event in the evening at my home) Michael was asleep in his chair...he I am sure
heard the love for ME there...and he began to prepare himself for the journey he was about to take...We played
his favorite soft jazz and I curled up in the beloved chair with him as he took his final breath...a truly bittersweet
moment...I will carry that moment in my heart forever...He is my love and my hero...

Is the house empty? Physically Yes it is....but the love and the laughter of 26 years is held in each and every
corner....signs come from all around me that things are going to be fine...A church sign that read: REJOICE IT IS A BRAND NEW DAY....My very first book contract, (which my husband always positively said, "when"
they publish it never "if" the publish it!) Getting up each and every day knowing that I am able to CREATE it anyway I choose!
And I choose LIFE....I choose LIVING...I choose LOVE...

Do I have my moments? Of course I do...but then I find another moment to remember something sweet, or I see something in this house that brings back something meaningful...Life as I knew it has changed...but life as I know
it is very much the same.

So I share with you a comforting poem...

To Those Who Mourn
(an excerpt)

For that is the real truth;
man is a soul and has a body.
The body is not the man; it is only
the clothing of the man.
What you call death is the laying aside
of a worn-out garment, and it is no more
the end of the man than it is the end of you
when you remove your coat.
Therefore you have not lost your friends;
you have only lost sight of the cloak in which
you were accustomed to see him.
The cloak is gone, but the man who
wore it is not;
Surely it is the man that you love and not
the garment.
C. W. Leadbeater

Thank you Christine for your wonderful insight into death...for your emotionally honest video...May it help another
who needs it the way it helped me this morning!

Blessings to you and to Nanook.
Patricia Mosca
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I was heading out the door for a mammogram. Peeked at this before turning off the computer. It gives me much to think about as I wait.