12 to 15 inches!!

It snowed!! Yes...12 to 15 inches...and I have been wondering how the heck am I going to get out of the driveway!! Good thing that Jeep (that I now have a greater appreciation for!) has 4 wheel drive! And I hear the sound of a snow blower....And it sounds as if it is in my driveway!! Sure enough....My nieces' husband came over and is blowing the driveway clear...He moved the cars, as there is NO room in the garage for a car....Heck that is filled with junk from everyone that needs a space to unload things!! (And of course I never say NO!!)...So once again I am reminded in the smallest and the biggest of ways that people are watching out for us...that people are coming over unasked and doing the things that will help us out right now....That I am blessed to have these people in my life....
I talked to a friend today who I have not talked to in a couple years (each of us having our lives filled with the wonder of grandchildren) and each of us taking care of the adversities in our lives...But nothing was different...We talked...we laughed...we told our stories to one another as if over a cup of coffee or a cup of tea....Two girlfriends separated by distance of space...but never distance of heart...
Today...I am counting my blessings....from 1 to 15!
(or from infinity and beyond....as Buzz Lightyear would say!!)

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queen mum said...

Pattie, I know you do not go to your email account as often right now, but I just want to alert you to the fact that I will be sending along something that may give you a chuckle.
Warm hugs