good to me!!

It was a crazy day at the Doctors office...a round of blood work took nearly 3 hours...because of the holiday and the office being closed for 4 days (Thurs thru Sunday) the patient load was overwhelming both for the staff and for the patient (and the patience!!)....Lots of people waiting because the seats to receive treatment were all full....I hate to see how many people actually come there....but the good news is....all the blood work looked pretty good...and so they have decided to hold off for the chemo which will be on Friday this week because they are closed on Thursday....there will be the typical work up to the chemo...talking with the Doctor to see where we are at...and then, the long treatment of 5 hours worth of chemo....hopefully the side effects will be less this time....But this Monday, although longer than usual has been good to me....Just need to keep a watchful eye on things as usual....but I am happy to have off, as is Michael....SO GOOD!!

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