You find more and more people who are diagnosed or have a loved one with cancer...Cancer does not discriminate... from babies to the elderly...across all races..all creeds...all nations.... You do hear more and more people surviving and living with cancer though...which gives me HOPE... However, life with cancer changes dramatically...You go from day to day shifting from keeping the disease under control...to trying to maintain a satisfying lifestyle. Reading everything that you can get your hands on from the latest treatments to holistic medicine. There are days when you feel challenged...and days that you want to quit....but there is rarely a day when you want to stop living. Even though we are all aware that no one lives forever, it is often hard to imagine that life is also limited.

What I am learning is that you can take the “CAN” in Cancer and look at life differently. You can start to become more aware of the things that you have never really looked at for their simple beauty....a sunset...the brilliance of the stars ...the many colors of Spring...hearing a robin sing just for you...seeing your children or grandchildren in loving new ways. You can heighten your awareness...let go of your limitations and inhibitions...find a freedom in living.

There is no amount of money that can buy any of us another day....it does not matter one bit what we wear or what kind of car we drive...where we live or where we go to vacation...it doesn’t matter how much money we have in the bank...What I am really finding out is how to live life...give hugs...say “I love you” with all your heart...laugh at corny jokes and discover beauty where you least expect it.

As I choose to remain hopeful during this time of living with my husbands’ cancer I am also learning some very valueable life lessons that I would not have had the chance to learn. I am learning that I “CAN” survive this experience, and I am learning I “CAN” thrive ....not so much in spite of it, but as a result of it. Certainly it is not a life I would have choosen, but it is one that is showing me how rich my life really is. I am learning the diffference between cure and healing, as I listen to my inner voice. I am learning I “CAN” let go of grudges...I “CAN” forgive myself and others...I am learning all this and more as I travel this path and I am beginning to see that I “CAN” feel peaceful...I “CAN” experience joy...and I “CAN” see how precious life is as I look upon each day truly as a gift.


Barb said...

Patricia, you are truly a Godsend to me. I read your words, describing your life each day with challenges that we all pray would never happen to us or anyone we know. Yet in your passion for life, life that is painful and difficult due to a deadly disease, you are showing the compassion you have for us, your readers. This may be your journal and safe place to let go your feelings, but it is so full of wisdom. Whether I ever find myself in your situation or not, you help me daily to remember what really counts. Thank you.


Laura Hegfield said...

Yes you CAN, we all can even in our most shadowy times...and it so easy to forget the simplicity of that three letter word when life feels so complicated. But you have reminded us in this posting of the four letter word that makes CAN possible...LOVE. Thank you.

squarepegperson said...

Hi Pattie - i love, love, love how you are able (and willing) to talk about the positive, the bright side, the "can" (which some people don't see - even without cancer) AND the dark, hard, oh-sh*!-this-sucks part (that some people deny) - even without cancer...seems like this challenge(to put it mildy!!) you and hubby are living through shows us more and more facets in the jewel that YOU are!! thanks!!!

Elviena said...

Hi there I found this video the other day and want to try it out myself...just because...saw you on the go gratitude page and wld be greatefull if this helps. xxx Love http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PGjUp1zoov8Project Camelot interviews Jim Humble, the man behind MMS: Mineral Mineral Supplement