The News was GOOD!!

We received the bone marrow biopsy results today...and the marrow looked GOOD!! The chemo actually cleaned up the existence of the protein in the marrow....So we are in a good spot for the moment....we have a resting point....IT IS GOOD!
The protein level is on the rise again...and we will continue to have blood work drawn to monitor that...And different tests have been ordered....a PET Scan and a CT Scan to see if the cancerous protein is holding itself (storing up) and dividing itself (to make more) in his spleen...which could mean that his spleen would have to be removed....If he is going to have a bone marrow transplant (which is still highly suggested) NOW would be the time to harvest the stem cells while the marrow is the cleanest....because once the protein levels start to rise again they will start to deposit in the bone marrow again and they cannot do it then....I am not sure if Michael is going to do this or not..but it is his best chance for a longer resting time....
This cancer has a 5 year survival rate....and we are already into the 2nd year of this....So....I say...
How is that for a positive attitude!!
Today...the news was GOOD!! And we take this time to readjust a little...plan a vacation...around the visits and around the tests....and continue on....but today...with a little bit of a broader smile than yesterday!
And I have to say....that I get a lot of my strength from all who visit here and send me their heart felt wishes of love and healing.....THANK YOU!


Barb said...

Woo hoo! What terrific news, Pattie! Wow, I am so happy for you and actually breathed a sigh of relief just now. My best to Michael, too!


June said...

HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGS. Keep smiling and all your positive thinking , such good news on the tests..

Brenda said...

Doin the happy dance in Tennessee!! (that would be with cowboy hat and boots on)
Three cheers for both of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
YEE HAW!!!!!!!!!!

Pat Dalke said...

Dear Pattie:


I want to recount our son's experience because it so parallels Michael's. And I tell it to you to give you hope. I feel that no matter how sick you are you seek to live with hope as opposed to despair.

Our son had his stem cells harvested about four months after he was first diagnoised. Thinking back to March of 2006 I am so glad that he decided to have this done. His cancer was so very aggressive, it even shut down his kidneys and he was having dialysis and chemo, sometimes on the same day. They treated his cancer aggressively and it brought back his kidneys and allowed him this space where they felt they could harvest his own cells. He received the first transplant of these cells during Holy Week before Easter 2006. His cancer remained in remission for six (6) months...what a glorious time that was! When the cancer returned he resumed treatment. The cancer finally was making him quite sick, and causing him to break bones, he broke his neck in the beginning of June last year (2008).

When they collected his stem cells they collected enough for 2 transplants and they used the second bag this summer after treating him with such aggressive chemo we almost lost him...he never gave up.

The second transplant of his own cells once again made him better and his neck began to heal. They could not operate on his neck because his bones were not strong enough and his immune system was almost nonexistent.

In October of 2008 they killed his immune system that had begun to become stronger with this second transplant and prepared him for a DONOR transplant. This transplant took place on October 15th.

He kicked us out on January 4th of this year, saying that he needed to now do this on his own. This month he took his two children for a weeks vacation on Amelia Island in Florida. Actually the doctors let him swim in the ocean, no pools, but he was estatic at being in the ocean. Right now he is substitute teaching and looking forward to returning to teaching full time in the fall. His hair is back and he is slowly regaining weight.

We still live a day at a time, but he is amazing. He lives each day with ethusiasm and grace and I know that he is grateful for each day he has been given to be with his children.

I read this on a blog, Down Abbie's Road and it personified you to me:
" Do not pray for easy lifes, pray to be stronger men (women), Do not pray for tasks equal to your powers pray for powers equal to your tasks, Then the doing of your work shall be no miracle, but you shall be the miracle." (and you are)
Phillip Brooks...

Yours in hope,

Pat Dalke

Halo Hill said...

Hurray, hurray HURRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy to hear the good news! (AND that you are taking a break from the computer).

Blessings, Hope, Peace and Hugs!