Don't be bitter...Be better!

"Don't be bitter....Be better!" was something that my Dad use to say all the time when I was growing up! Whenever I would start to complain about someone...or how life dealt me a bad hand....He would just always say that....I have used it over the years myself...and sometimes I have even followed that advice (other times it is far more difficult to least that is what I use to think)..but NOW...I think it is better to become better....that the choices we make will make all the difference in how we handle our one responds to friends and family in a positive way rather than a negative way gives us a since of feeling better...How if we get up every day and face life in a positive way we can chase the negative of this cancer away for the moment....Life is all what we make it....whether the time we have left is short or long....isn't it better to go about things not being bitter? Won't we bring more positive our way as we generate the positive? Simple, now that I think of it....My Dad, passed away in April 1987, from cancer....I remember being really sad about it one day, and he repeated his sage advice once again....and he was not bitter....he had led a good life...he was happy to have seen his children grow...his grandchild being born....and he loved and was loved....You just can't get better than that!


Barb said...

Great advice!

Halo Hill said...

And what an inspiring daughter he raised!