Take this Job and Shove IT!

Did you ever feel that way? Ever feel like the BEST you give is JUST NOT GOOD ENOUGH!
Today, is one of those days.....Predizone or not...You can take this JOB AND SHOVE IT TODAY!
Can you tell I am angry....?????????? This will pass I know but right now....at this very moment no matter what I do....no matter what I say....No matter what I cook....no matter what I bake...no matter how creative I am...no matter how much I clean or do laundry....or even breathe....It is just not good enough......BOY.....It just pisses me OFF!


Brenda said...

Oh Honey--it is good enough--it's better than good enough--because it is done with love!
sometimes life is yucky--take a nice bubble bath and put your head on the pillow -
Tomorrow is a new day --spring is coming-flowers are blooming, life is special..
i love you Pattie!

Barb said...

It's OK to let the feathers fly, especially in a controlled environment like this one. What are friends for?! I hear you and feel your frustration. Wish I could take some of the burden from you.

Considered yourself hugged!