of us feeling better today...sleep will do that....I went to sleep fairly early for me...and the pain meds
allowed Michael to he is feeling a bit rested today....
So BOTH of us are feeling better....They did take out one of the ingredients in his chemo cocktail...the
next 24 hours will tell us if that was what caused the problem....(process of elimination!) Monday we
go for an echo cardiogram....(to make sure everything is OK) and Tuesday is blood work day...Wednesday
there will be no chemo because Thursday is the specialist....
All we have to do till Monday is go pick up meds tomorrow....and RELAX!!!!!!!!
AH....CALGON take me away....(that is if your not to young to remember that!!)

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Anonymous said...

Dear Pattie:

What I've come to realize in my situation is that not one of us can sustain a constant high level of anxiety. Once things get better, even if just a little better, it's seems like a time to renew however you can. Take a bath in Calgon, watch a mindless show on T.V. whatever it takes. Escape for a while is GOOD! I've finally learned that the sky doesn't fall for that few hours of renewal. You're right that sleep is good too.