A Day off for GOOD BEHAVIOR!

I am amazed...I am dreaming...PINCH ME!! I have a day off for Good Behavior!! It has been a quiet day here...snow falling gently to cover the ground...soft and fluffy flakes! I actually stayed in my pj's till almost noon!! I am giddy with JOY!! Sleep does change things...I went to bed last night still exhausted from the week...still upset with myself because I let myself get down...and then I woke this morning...And it has been a wonderful day....I painted...I lounged...I did do the mundane grocery shopping (but it was for the Thanksgiving dinner that is planned so that was a happy thing even if the store was crowded!!) I ate chicken wings which I had been craving...I lounged some more..I took a nap...I watched a movie...This was an "I" day...a day off!! This was a day when illness did not seem to enter the picture...This was a beautiful day!!!! And here I sit ready to paint some more... and I am smiling...really smiling...I certainly do like GOOD BEHAVIOR!!


Anonymous said...

Oh, precious day, when illness takes a back seat and you remember what it is to experience those ordinary, now become extraordinary, days. They are gifts that when unwrapped make you smile, even laugh.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Pattie:

I checked off anonymous because I'm having trouble having my password recognized.

Pat Dalke

Barb said...

And I am smiling with you! Yea for you!