FREE cup of coffee...

Starbucks gave away FREE cups of coffee today if you showed them your I VOTED TODAY sticker...I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting a kindred spirit for a "cup of " this afternoon....I gave myself 2 hours off for "good behavior" today! (a friend of Michael's was coming to visit and they would do that Football it was a wonderful excuse to get out!) in upstate NY it was a beautiful fall day and my friend and I could sit outside at Starbucks and drink our coffee and chat like two little magpie's!! It was FANTASTIC....I always walk away from this time with this wonderful soul full of hope ...full of love...full of understanding...full of renewed conviction...We are like spirits...A chance meeting in 1991 gave us a starting point to friendship...both of us were "stitchers" (cross stitching was once a huge passion for me) and I was her picture framer....Anyhow...the friendship blossomed and grew...The one thing about this friendship is that it is SO is a friendship where we can speak our peace...tell each other our deepest secrets and air our dirty questions condemning...Only support and love given between us...We are so much alike that we seem to have been cut from the same cloth....I love this woman...she has done more for me than she will ever know...and I hope that I have done half as much for her....It was a wonderful day...and I got a FREE cup of coffee!! You just have to LOVE that!!


Barb said...

I'm so glad you had such a wonderful visit with your dear friend today. And a free Starbucks coffee to boot! Doesn't get much better than that.

Lori Pilla said...

Hi Pattie,
My thoughts and prayers are with you. Please remember to take care of yourself if at all possible. You deserve it and so does your husband. He needs you but you won't be available if you don't take care of you. Remember your angels.