One step at a time..

Anyone who really knows me...knows that I do not do well this time of year...haunted by past memories that always come up in November no matter how hard I try to submerge them...They are there...they are a part of me...they have made me who I am today...But revisiting them is often hard...and no matter how much I try they are there every year...So here we are in anxious feelings are lying there underneath all that is going on here...causing me to cry at the drop of a pin...sleep a little more than a little short...But I continue step at a time...knowing that the emotions will sleep once again...knowing that I have gotten through this period of time for the past 39 years...Knowing that the decisions that were made that fall of 1969 were perhaps the bravest and most unselfish decisions I have ever made in my life...And knowing that here I am in 2008 facing other things that are hard...So I foot in front of the other...I allow myself alone time to cry...I connect when I need to...I withdraw with I have to...and I bake brownies!! I eat ice cream...and I watch reality TV...because all of that requires me not to think anything....

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Pat Dalke said...

Dear Patti:

Thank you for sharing yourself so swlflessly and truthfully. What a gift you put out there for others.

You and your husband are in my thoughts each day.