Thanksgiving Glitter Graphics
Here we are Thanksgiving Day almost upon us....and I am THANKFUL! Thankful for all the well wishes that I receive here and on the E calls and cards. Thankful that I have this holiday to celebrate with my family. Thankful that we do not have to go back to the Doctors till next Monday...Thankful that my son made the trip here from Carolina to be with us. ..Thankful for the joy of laughter and good friends...Thankful for the small things every day that keep me going...Thankful for my art and creative life that feeds my soul...Thankful for LIFE...For all that venture here may you have a bountiful Thanksgiving...and take a moment to be aware of all the things you have that surround you to be Thankful for...My heart felt wishes to us all....

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Luna said...

I am thankful for YOU! Thank you for sharing your beautiful heart and soul with us! You inspire me!
Much love to you from me! xoxo