Today, I have been NESTING...rearranging the domestic goddess
stuff that I can possible do!! Making lists...checking them twice...getting prepared for the holidays
that are before me....Nesting...making myself comfortable for the long winter ahead of me...Nesting
by changing my surroundings hoping that it will make a difference in how I feel. There is something about cleaning....I do it really BIG like this when I am in a funk...I clean because it takes little thought...and yet a lot of energy....I cook and bake when I am in a very good mood to show love and to share who I am with the ones I care about....Funny...the different things we do to make our self feel make our self not make our hands keep our hearts be....I am so aware of them lately....And I have been baking almost every day...and as fast as I bake everything is I bake again...I have NOT been cleaning as much till today...So the odds have it....I have been in a good mood MORE than a funk!! YIPPEE!!!!! Now, if I can figure out how to get the decorations down from the rafters in the garage I will be one happy girl!!

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Pat Dalke said...

Yes, it is good. Cleaning and putting things right in the house feels very satisfying. I've thought that this gives me the feeling of control over something.

Today we are trying to give the children more space to "art' ,and me too, in Dan's office.

Dan wants to address these changes, but he still can't sustain any length of time to do it. So, we've packed up boxes and labeled them carefully for the attic, he has no basement.

I'm looking forward too to pulling out the Christmas tree and box of ornaments. The faculty and students at the school where he teaches set up a tree for him to come home to in December of 2005 when he was first diagnosed. People donated an ornament that they wanted to give to him for this lite tree. It was beautiful and I look forward to seeing those ornaments again this year. I think it will be fun to unwarp each one and remember who gave it. We'll do it with the kid's and this year, maybe because they've grown, we'll have more ornaments toward the middle of the tree. Dan doesn't care how it looks, but I struggle with wanting to move them and make it look "just right".

Dan planned how he would set up his new home from his hospital room in 2005 and his friends all got together and moved him while he was still hospitalized. A regulation size pool table is smack dab in the center of the living room and an old "Defender" video game sits across from it in the front entry way. He decided that he wanted his home to be a place of "play", and it is.

The kid's toys are in bins on the back wall of the living room and they can be found playing under the pool table more often than not.

Dan's dad has cut a large board that covers the top of the pool table so that we can set up the train. We're looking forward to Santa's bringing some more pieces for the village that surrounds the train.

Life can be very good when lived a day at a time.

Thank you Pattie for making me think about this, your words are always so insightful.