So we breezed through the Thanksgiving Day...And it was heavenly...surrounded by my children...my precious little grandson...and my Mother...as we sat around after dinner enjoying a nice glass of wine...my mother asked if we were going to do BLACK FRIDAY...Now, my Mother, is the bionic woman (hip and knee replacements!!) and is slower as she has aged (81 years of age) and my head of course has not been wrapped around the holidays...but when she asked I thought WHY NOT...I mean WHY NOT....I love doing it...not so much for the BIG BARGINS (because I don't believe there are that many!!) not because of the NEED to buy things (as money is tight this year) but because it is FUN...I love talking to all the people standing in line....I like the crowds...I like the fact that most everyone is in a festive mood, otherwise why would they be out at 6:00 in the morning...I like that it made me feel normal...it made me feel good...it made me feel as if all was right with the world!! Sort of like making the dinner yesterday....Why do people complain about the work of it? Why do they think it is such a chore...ME...I love cooking for my family...A big dinner ... A small dinner doesn't matter to me...It is a way that I can show them that I care...It is a way to pour a little love out on the table for them...
So I did it again another year...went out for 5 hours...shopping and laughing and singing carols...
And NOW...I am going to take a much deserved nap...smiling as I do so!! Life is Good!!! (to quote a friend of mine) Life is very good indeed!!


Brenda said...

three cheers for shopping!!! I went out at 10am-woke up earlier but I have this nasty cold so I stayed in bed--found everything I wanted to early-bird for, so I'm glad I stayed at home!
Have a beautiful weekend!

Luna said...

YAY for YOU!!!!
Life is INDEED good!!
We don't have the malls up here but we went out and did a little bit of shopping yesterday afternoon. It was fun!! I refuse to be a cynic or skeptic this season! There is too much in my world about which to be grateful and joyful!
BTW thank you for your prayers for my grandbaby, her dad called on Thanksgiving and said they are not worried anymore because everything else looked so perfect. I don't have a name for my granddaughter, as they are keeping the name to themselves for at least a while. But I am calling her "Chickadee" which I think may end up being my nickname for her after she's born! LOL Yesterday I bought her a gift for Christmas! My love for prayers sent for you and yours continue!